Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

13 Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts actually worth using

Just getting up and running with Windows 11? It’s worth committing these keyboard shortcuts to memory:

  • Windows + A: Opens the Quick Settings panel where you can control wifi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, brightness, media, and more.
  • Windows + C: Opens the Chat feature in Microsoft Teams, if that’s your thing.
  • Windows + N: Opens the notifications and calendar panel.
  • Windows + W: Slides in the new widgets panel.
  • Windows + Z: Open the new Snap Layouts feature that helps you quickly snap multiple windows in a grid format.
  • Windows + Alt + Up/Down Arrow: A new shortcut that quickly snaps the selected window to the upper or lower half of the screen.
  • Windows + D: Show or hide the desktop. (Showing the desktop will instantly hide all running windows, and you’ll only see the desktop wallpaper and your icons.)
  • Windows + Tab: Opens the new virtual desktops interface that shows all open windows in the current desktop. You can switch to a different desktop from the bottom.
  • Windows + Ctrl + D: Add a new virtual desktop.
  • Windows + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow: Switch between virtual desktops.
  • Windows + Ctrl + F4: close the current virtual desktop.
  • Windows + H: Start the new voice typing feature.
  • Windows + K: Directly jump to the Cast feature in Quick Settings