Kumaran Kumarathurai

I live in Aarhus, Denmark.

I am a deaf Danish and Tamil but like a citizen of the world.

I use Danish Sign Language but I can British Sign Language and Sri Lankan Sign Language.
I like walking in nature.

I am vegan/vegetarian and pescatarian (eat fish).


70 % vegan
10 % vegetarian (love feta cheese) but I have allergy for milk.
20 % pescatarian (love sushi and salmon)

In my spare time I work in filming and web development, and read news on the web.
On this blog I write about my daily life.

Interests and activities:

  • Learning new computer technologies
  • Designing websites and editing videos
  • Travelling (so far USA, England, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Finland, Norway, Sweden and more) at my Google Maps

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

Albert Einstein