My name is Kumaran Kumarathurai

I am studying Sociology of Education at Aarhus University.
I live in Aarhus, Denmark.


2022 – PresentAarhus University
BA, Sociology of Education
2017 – 2019VIA University College
Public Administration – stopped
2014 – 2017VUC Aarhus
General Studies
2003 – 2006Aarhus Tech
Web developer (early Web Integrator)
1999-1999The City Literary And College Of North West London
English language and British Sign Language (BSL)
1997 – 1999Castbergaard
Danish, English, psychology and sports
1995 – 1996Nyborgskolen
Activities and societies. Swimming and class
1987 – 1995Aalborgskolen
Secondary education. Activities and societies


2022 – 20237-eleven
Work at the shop assistant, Aarhus, Denmark
2014 – 2017Kumar.dk
Freelance Web Development. WordPress.
2013 – 2014Bonsai Studio
Self-employed web developer at the business firm
2011 – 2011Empowering Deaf Society
IT Manager, London, England
2010 – 2010Resolvd
Freelance web designer at the company, Denmark
2009 – 2009TolkDanmark
IT manager the interpreting company TolkDanmark, Aarhus, Denmark


Years Organisations
2014 -2018Sign Course
Co-Founder. Deaf Indian founder and I have built e-learning and vlogger for for deaf Indians.
2014 – 2016Sign Language of the Deaf World
Volunteer website manager
I helped founder Tomas to build the website and Google Maps.
The website
2012 – 2018SignFriday
Video producer for deaf Danish in event and The Deaf Web Magazine in (Denmark).
2010 – 2011Danish Deaf Sports Federation
Media leader at 7th European Deaf Football Championship in Odense, Denmark (Danish Deaf Sports Association). 
2012 – 2018Deaf association ’Aarhus Døveforening’
I have been board member for the deaf association and webmaster for website.
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