Hello, my sign name is

Kumaran Kumarathurai

I am a Danish and Tamil deaf and use sign language.

I am pescatarian and most vegetarian. I am married.

I live in Denmark.

In my spare time I work in filming and web development, and read news on the web.

On this blog I write about my daily life.

Interests and activities:

  • Learning new computer technologies
  • Designing websites and editing videos
  • Travelling (so far USA, England, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Finland, Norway, Sweden and more) at my Google Maps


My natural interest in IT and web development and the desire to work in that field I have always had.


I have a great passion for e-learning. Why e-learning?

  • More motivation to learn some flexible time and anywhere
  • E-learning is more understanding of visual interactive than traditional teaching


Nature makes me peace of mind, that is why I go out and take photos of landscape.

Physical Address

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124