Kumaran Kumarathurai

I focus on IT and web development.

About me

My natural interest in IT and web development

Passion for e-learning

I have a great passion for e-learning. Why e-learning?

  • More motivation to learn some flexible time and anywhere
  • E-learning is more understanding of visual interactive than traditional teaching

What I do

In my spare time I work in filming and web development, and read news on the web.

On this blog I write about my daily life.

Interests and activities:

  • Learning new computer technologies
  • Designing websites and editing videos
  • Travelling (so far USA, England, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Finland, Norway, Sweden and more) at my Google Maps




Video editing


My Experience

Read more at CV:




I have been co-founder for ViSign. It was made timeline of deaf history and deaf culture.
The video feature was showed at the Danish deaf TV here:


Danish Sign Language

I am contributed for the Danish Sign Language under the Danish Language Board (Dansk Tegnsprog under Dansk Sprognævn.)
The video feature was showed at the Danish deaf TV here:


Sign Course

I have been co-founder for the Indian deaf project Sign Course from 2014 to 2018
Project Sign Course here:


Euro 2011

I was media leader for the Danish deaf Euro football in Denmark 2011.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/7thEuroCup2011/

More videos at: