Kumaran Kumarathurai

Aarhus, Denmark

Curriculum Vitae


2014 – 2018

Sign Course

Co-Founder. Deaf Indian founder and I have built e-learning and vlogger for for deaf Indians.

2012 -2018

Deaf association ‘Aarhus Døveforning’

I have been board member for the deaf association and and webmaster for website.

2010 – 2011

Danish Deaf Sports Federation

Media leader at 7th European Deaf Football Championship in Odense, Denmark (Danish Deaf Sports Association). https://www.deafsport.dk

2012 – 2018


Video producer for deaf Danish in event and The Deaf Web Magazine in (Denmark). https://www.facebook.com/pages/signfriday/124761200870887


Sign course

Build eLearning and storyteller
My deaf Indian and I made project Sign Course from 2014 to 2018.

That was goal to give deaf Indians empowering.

Facebook Page:

Afdeling for Dansk Tegnsprog under Dansk Sprognævn

(Department of Danish Sign Language under the Danish Language Board under Danish Language Council)

The Danish Language Council ‘s website: http://dansktegnsprog.dk/
I contribute the Danish Language Council from 2014 and still because it supports our Danish Sign Language to be developed.

It is important to preserve Danish Sign Language.

Link to Døvefilm:



I have been co-founder for ViSign from 2016 to 2017.

The project was about collecting deaf stories to a place like the website www.visign.world.

Link to Døvefilm:


Video editing volunteer
I have been contributed to Danish deaf production company Døvefilm at October 2010.

The project Streetsigners was about inputs from Danish Sign Language who hearing and deaf people can learn. It was also easy overview about sign language at different categories.

Link to Døvefilm:

Danish Deaf Sports Federation (DDI)

Media Leader
I have been media leader for Euro 2011 7th in Odense, Denmark on July 2011. It was work for video edit and team.

More videos at YouTube canal: https://www.youtube.com/user/EURO2011deaffootball/videos