9 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I started at primary school in Denmark when I was 11

I born in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka in 1977. There Sri Lankan Civil War begun in 1983 so my family and I have to flee to India in 1985 and continued to fleeing to Denmark in 1986. Once I had no school in Sri Lanka.

I went at the primary school Aalborgskolen when I was 11. I have a slow language development but after all I am still struggling to learn new things.


2. I moved around in Denmark together with my family


I had lived at student home for 7 years in Aalborg while I was pupil at Aalborgskolen. I came to my parent’s home in every weekend. That was good experience I got there. After the student home I moved to college in Nyborg and went on to lower secondary students Nyborgskolen when I was 18 old years in 1995.

When I dropped the school one and half year later I moved to Aalborg for living together with my family. My family and I had lived in different cities in Denmark: Holstebro, Tjele, Viborg, Vodskov, Aalborg and Odense. I moved alone to Skødstrup Kollegiet in Skødstrup and lived in the city for 16 months. I moved to Damager Kollegiet in Aarhus in 2002. Then I moved alone into an apartment where I still live. I have travelled to many cities in Denmark.


3. I had been Christian but now I am Hindu


I am originally Hindu. My former classmates got me to be confirmed because I know more about Jesus than Hindu. But I like Hindu as tradition and ritual which my family keep so that is why I was baptized again to Hindu at Sree Abirami Amman Temple in Brande in Denmark.

But I am not a believer so I just am skeptical.


4. I had been Eco-vegetarian since 1995 and still Eco-vegetarian

I eat only fish sometime but I am mostly vegetarian. And I like Indian/Tamil food:) In my everyday life I use organic remedies in, which means I only use for example creams, shampoos, toothpaste, all that are not animal products. And I check about E-Numbers which are assigned to various food additives, also consequently suitable for vegetarians.


5. I always liked playing sports like football and table tennis


I got many medals of deaf School Championship especially in football and ping-pong.

I got many good experience there. Now I just do jogging and swim.

6. I had injured the same left footer twice

When my left foot was injured by accident under indoor soccer at the deaf club ‘Start IK’ in Slovakia in July 1994.
I also got another injure by accident when I played training indoor soccer after one and half hour, since 20th March of 2010.
I will be completed healthy now and choose to stop play football.

7. You may think that I have had much girls but I have not

I did not have had many girls since my primary school Aalborgskolen. Not because I am angel but I am that type who wants to find a right girl so it may take long time.

8. I am divorced

It was error in event of marriage in Sri Lanka in 2004. I’m still single and looking for a new clever girl:)

9. I have used two different blog in 6 years but that was not much activity

I had two domain names: kumaran.kumar.dk and mybonsai.dk. And I changed WordPress theme many times because I had not yet found a theme as my style. Now I have a good domain name kumar.dk after my brother Mathi allowed me to use the domain name. I have also found a simple theme to my website:)

Some think maybe that I am special but you may find out that none of us is normal, when you studying closer human being.




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  • Giajenthiran Velmurugan 3 years ago

    Hey Kumaran:)
    Det var da en interessant og meget åben blog du har fået skrevet. Er vild med det citat du afslutter med:)

  • Jakob Gade 3 years ago

    Hej Kumar

    He he, pisse fint skrevet!

    Jeg tror jeg kender de punkter om dig selv forvejen ;-)

    Held og lykke din blog.

    Venlig hilsen

  • Hej Kumar.

    Du er ærlig og åben om dit liv på din blog. Hatten af for det!


    Palle Madsen

  • Herluf Juul Christiansen 3 years ago

    Hej Kumaran
    Læste din blog. Var spændende at læse det.