Kumaran at GCE A-level school

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I go to school (VUC Aarhus in Aarhus, Denmark). General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-level). I take further education at University after GCE A-level. The school's website: http://vucaarhus.dk ...

Activity videos

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Voluntary work

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Some of my voluntary work include being video cameraman and designing websites. My next camera work is going to be at Deaf Euro 2011 (7th European Football Championship  in Odense, Denmark) starting end of June 201...

I danced as like Michael Jackson

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http://youtu.be/xhMdqpvvI1E I danced like as Michael Jackson(MJ) in first time at the house in Tjele, Denmark (6th November 1989) http://youtu.be/GxrmOsenVm0 I danced MJ at Aalborgskolen(primary school) in Aalbor...

Sri Lanka 2013

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My experience in London

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Visit India in 2003

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My parents and I visited India in October 2003. And we stay at our long relative family's house in Chennai, India. Around temple we went to. We went around Tamil Nadu. We visited deaf school in Tamil Nadu, India in...

Travel in Sri Lanka 2009

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I planned a trip to Sri Lanka (SL) and stay there for two weeks. My mother and I travelled to SL in 22th December 2009, so we arrived at Colombo airport. We visited my deaf friend Sanhjo's and his family in Colo...

Video: Astronomy

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Amazing sky! See videos here: http://youtu.be/wFpeM3fxJoQ http://vimeo.com/22439234

Video: Planet (update)

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Beautiful Nature in Earth See videos here. http://youtu.be/2HiUMlOz4UQ http://youtu.be/rj18UQjPpGA http://youtu.be/oY59wZdCDo0


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Nature 2

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Google Drive vs Dropbox

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Cloud Storage Service Dropbox Vs. Google Drive - Business Insider businessinsider.com/dropbox-vs-google-drive-2013-4 File Syncing Faceoff: Dropbox vs. Google Drive lifehacker.com/5904731/desktop-file-syncing-f...

Android: My widget home

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List of the Best Android Apps (Update)

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Productivity Google Drive  Dropbox GTasks: To Do List | Task List CamScanner   E-Boks(Denmark) Education Regneregler(Danish) Math Ref   Communication Gmail Skype Googl...

Essential Firefox and Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

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  That is use for web design and web developer whether for a website. Firefox   Firebug At Mozilla: Firebug Official homepage Web Developer At Mozilla: Web Developer Official Hom...

List of the Best Windows Apps

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Productivity   Google Docs   LibreOffice   Security   Microsoft Essentials Security   AVG Frree   Education WordWeb   Ste...

Learn Something New Every Day

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I have some advices to you for how to learn new somethings at every day. Talk with a good friend about whole thing include personal thing  (not at chat) Walk a long trip and get relaxing. Remember to take a brea...


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I have seen any best film. First film I have seen, called Akira. The film Akira is good and mind about atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Another anime TV-serie  'Rurouni Kenshin' and 'Rurouni Ke...

Your rights

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1. You have the right to have my own opinions and feelings and to express them 2. You have the right to say no without feeling guilty or Youa are selfish 3. You have the right to recognize my own needs and decide ...

Active Listening ~ 10 good questions

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What do you mean when you say that .....? Can you say something more about .....? What are you saying with it .....? Can you give an example of that .....? Can you tell more specific about it? It seems ...