List of the Best Android Apps (Update)

Productivity   Google Search Google Drive Dropbox   Google Keep Evernote    CamScanner Math   Regneregler(Danish)   Math Ref Communication Gmail     Hangouts   Skype WhatsApp Messenger Facebook Messenger Travel & local Google Maps   Google Earth   Momondo Flight… Continue Reading →

Kumaran at GCE A-level school

I go to school (VUC Aarhus in Aarhus, Denmark). General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A-level). I take further education at University after GCE A-level. The school’s website: http://vucaarhus.dk   Comparing between Danish and International in education system Primary School (svarer til… Continue Reading →

Learn Something New Every Day

I have some advices to you for how to learn new somethings at every day. Talk with a good friend about whole thing include personal thing  (not at chat) Walk a long trip and get relaxing. Remember to take a… Continue Reading →

Sri Lanka 2013



I have seen any best film. First film I have seen, called Akira. The film Akira is good and mind about atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Your rights

You have the right to have my own opinions and feelings and to express them You have the right to say no without feeling guilty or You are selfish You have the right to recognize my own needs and decide… Continue Reading →

Active Listening ~ 10 good questions

What do you mean when you say that …..? Can you say something more about …..? What are you saying with it …..? Can you give an example of that …..? Can you tell more specific about it? It seems… Continue Reading →

Essential Firefox and Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

  That is use for web design and web developer whether for a website.

List of the Best Windows Apps

  Productivity Google Drive   LibreOffice   Security   AVAST   AVG Free   Education   Stellarium   WorldWide Telescope Communication       Google Hangouts Skype   Pidgin   Calculator & Finance   SpeedCruch SpeQ Mathematics   Book ComicRack  … Continue Reading →

Deaf Studies at foreign countries

View Deaf Studies at Foreign Countries in a larger map

My experience in London

I have plan A, B and C

Danish Deaf Association have published an article about myself. I was an ambassador for the Danish Deaf Association who I give advice to unemployed deaf people in 2011

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